vendredi 26 septembre 2014

The Path

So I made a film last year. It's called the Path, it's 2:30, and it took me a year to make.
And I have no love for it.
It's very hard to realize you do not love the fruit of a year long labor, and while I don't exclude the possibility of putting it up on the internet at one point, it's not in my immediate plans.

But hey, here's some of the vis dev researches I did for it . Those I like! :) And with a little luck, I'll start loving the final product soon! 

For now I'm really excited about the projects I started with the new school year! And that's the lesson behind it all I guess: Even if one of your project gets you down,  it should never stop you from doing more stuff afterwards!

J'ai fait un film l'année dernière. ça s'appelle "The Path", il dure 2mn30 and il m'a pris un an à finir. 
Et je n'aime pas ce film.
C'est très dur de se rendre compte que ton travail d'une année entière ne te satisfait pas, et même si je n'exclue pas la possibilité de le mettre sur internet un jour, ce ne sera pas pour tout de suite.

Dans tout les cas, voila quelque unes des recherches que j'ai fait pour le film. Celle là je peux encore les regarder en face! :)

Pour l'instant, je suis très enthousiaste par les nouveaux projets que j'ai commencé à écrire cette année. On verra où cela me mènera! :)

lundi 28 juillet 2014

Kids and Ducks and Ducks and Kids

Une illu pour l'anniversaire de ma Maman. Je t'aime Maman! 

(Here's a thing I did for my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom

mardi 8 juillet 2014

Tennis tennis

Je me suis enfin décidé à coloriser des petits sketches que j'avais fait pendant Roland Garros. La suite bientôt. (sinon je sais pas pourquoi Blogger me fout cet halo dégueu sur ma deuxième image...le fond est sensé ressembler au quelqu'un a une explication?)

Finally got around to color some of the sketches I did watching Roland Garros a few weeks back. More to come soon!

mardi 13 mai 2014

Cinemagraph3: The seaside

1936: Claire (3 month old), Maud and Zounia.

Animating family photos: Part2

Cinemagraph2: The windmill

1938: Zounia and Claire, Vanves.

Animating family photos: Part1.

Cinemagraph 1: The balcony

mercredi 30 avril 2014

Levant Express

This semester, I had the extreme luck to intern on my favorite show ever: Adventure Time!

It was such an amazing experience through and through, I've met amazing, kind people, and wonderful artists (obviously).

An added bonus is that every intern has the chance to pitch something to the studio at the end of their internship, and my pitch was today!

I've pitched a show project I've been working on (really) recently, and wanted to share some designs! Hope you like it!

Thanks again to the AT crew for their support! You guys are awesome!